Rewriting of W.G Sebald
— Hannah Duckworth
Mres Art: Theory and Philosophy Year 2

Memories lie sleeping, buried within us for months and years. They quietly grow, rooting themselves but can be awoken by the smallest of things and in doing so may blind ourselves to our present life. My memories have often cursed me in this way, and the labours that I take to write them down, seem humiliating. Making me feel that to write them is a contemptible business! And yet, what would lie within our hearts without memory? by 
Hannah Duckworth

Memories lie slumbering within us for months and years, quietly proliferating, until they are woken by some trifle and in some way blind us to life. How often this has caused me to feel that my memories, and the labours expended in writing them down are all part of the same humiliating and at bottom, contemptible business! And yet, what would we be without memory?

... original passage
- W.G. Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn (1995) p.255