Rewriting Sunday, The Book of Disquiet,
—  Foteini Kido Nikolopoulou

Mres Art: Theory and Philosophy Year 2


Sunday - Miltos Sachtouris (Greece)
English translation: Kimon Friar

My eyes are Sunday waves
my hands are waves of loneliness

the teeth in my heart
grind an innocent sleep

the dead child
does not live abroad
it walks on holding a small red dog
in a handkerchief

monsters walk
upside down in dreams
a fierce wind is blowing
above the lemonades

a bat flies
like a sorrowful gospel

with a black cloth
a woman covers
the moon

My hands live abroad
in a handkerchief
a black cloth
the moon
is blowing in dreams

a small red dog
walks on upside down
holding the dead child
above the lemonades

Sunday waves of loneliness
a fierce wind in my heart
my eyes walk
like a sorrowful gospel

monsters fly
grind the teeth
a bat
a woman
an innocent sleep

...rewritten by Kido


The Book of Disquiet (excerpt) – Fernando Pessoa (Portugal)

To write, for me, means to degrade myself,
but I cannot stop writing. Writing is the drug I hate, but I take, the perversion I disdain, but inside it I live.

I hate writing. To live means to disdain,
to take the drug: myself. But inside I cannot stop.
I degrade, for me, to write the perversion.

...rewritten by Kido


“Matthias” BAADER Holst

we were binging smoking and were miserable
we were giving birth to our children
every time on our feet
always between 7 and 10
so were passing our days
whoever believed in something would be executed

our days are executed
every time on their feet
our children witnesses* were miserable
so we were passing binging and smoking
between 7 and 10
somebody always believed in something

...rewritten by Kido

...image courtesy of Foteini Kido Nikolopoulou